Seven things about creating a brand personality.

Publicerat den 11 June 2013

An important element of branding is to provide a product, service or organization a personality. Just as we humans create and develop relationships with others, we use the organization’s brand to do the same. So what is it that makes us win customers’ approval? Well, the same things as we do to appeal to others. We can be: real. honest and offer our expertise, creative, passionate and exciting or sophisticated, charming and elegant, to take some examples. There are personality traits that make the brand interesting. Each brand has its own personality that appeal to different people and customers.

If we create a distinctive brand personality that inspires and helps our clients, we also transform the organization so they are capable of creating, nurtuting and sustaining mutually profitable relationsships with people. And that is a very good thing.

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Which brand personality are you?

Seven things we can think of when it comes to developing a brand personality:
1. All organizations have a brand and a brand personality.
2. If not we create our own personality, we get the personality from our customers and in the worst case from our competitors.
3. The customer selects the brands as they choose friends. So when a customer describes a brand will often distinct personality traits emerge.
4. Think of the brand as a person with personality traits and values.
5. Create a brand personality that is clear and easy to understand.
6. A split personality can be perceived as schizophrenic.
7. The brand must be perceived as it is true.

One last thing we can think about is that in our communications with our market and our customers, we pronounce a number of promises, what we call, brand promise. Who is the person, selected to fulfill the promises to the client?


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