Part 2 of;10 states that are devastating to your brand personality.

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As I explained in my previous post, the customer will never have more fun than the employees do. I then described the first five states: fear, anger, apathy, stress and anxiety which all are devastating to our brand personality and brand promise. Following is a depiction of the remaining five, hostility, jealousy, greed, selfishness and hatred.



6. Hostility
We have an antagonistic relationship to the world around us, for instance to coworkers or customers. We view other people as adversary and competitors, and keep a negative attitude toward them. As a result we want to win by beating the competition and show others we’re the best, without paying attention to the consequences.

7. Jealousy
Feeling jealous of someone has to do with comparing yourself to others, noticing differences, and then blaming someone or something else for what we lack. That way a feeling of injustice and greed arises. If we’re not happy with what we have, we want what others got.

8. Greed
An inflated desire to collect wealth and power in combination with exaggerated thriftiness, covetousness and cupidity. The goal becomes the purpose, without any attention to the consequences. We push the limits and get a reputation of being callous, cold and greedy.

9. Egoism
Lack of consideration for others to emphasize personal needs and terms for one’s own comfort. It often happens at the expense of others’ well-being since we first and foremost act to favor ourselves.

10. Hatred
Hatred is an extreme feeling of disapproval aimed towards individuals, entities, objects or ideas. Hatred is often associated with emotions like anger and inclinations to hostile behavior.


Do any of these states exist at and influence your brand? Absolutely – that’s just the way it is! Do you have coworkers who worry about the future? Do they resist and fight changes? Are they jealous of someone else’s salary or success? Are they open to sharing new ideas and possibilities, or do they keep to themselves? Do some of them hate the new manager, the new owners, or just someone else on the team? Most definitely, the question is just how much and where!
What we can do is talk about our states, make them visible, and then begin behaving differently to get rid of them. The negative states are devastating for the staff, your company, brand, and ultimately your profitability.

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