How BrandPics Test works

The BrandPics Test consists of 50 picture cards, and a manual with 7 exercises that shows how to identify your brand’s winning personality.
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Quick Summary

The goal is to form a distinct brand personality and reach an internal consensus.
Each individual turns the cards over and selects four. Sort the cards by colour.
You have a clear and distinct image of the brand if all the cards are the same colour.
Each colour corresponds to a type of character which is described by a number of adjectives.
If there is a substantial difference between your own, the management’s and your co-workers’ selections, then you need to focus on internal communication.
If the overall picture points to a distinct personality, then you have a clear result.
Otherwise, you will need to analyse the different results.
The focus should be on what differentiates the brand and makes it easily read for employees and customers, as well as management.

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BrandPics test The 7 steps

Choose cards that show how you experience its character. Not what you hope it to be, or how you think others see it. Be honest and take only the cards that feels right. The goal is to select four cards.

Once you have selected the four cards that best describe the brand, Turn the cards over and sort the cards by colour. If all the cards are the same colour, then you have a clear and distinct image of the brand. The color on the back tells you what personality type motif belongs. Yellow = decent type. Red = cool type. Blue = skilled type. Purple = elegant type. Black = rough type. Feels the result ok? Is this your idea of ​​the brand I?

Let the management team, employees, customers and suppliers to choose their cards. Compare and discusse the results. The point of BrandPics Test is to create a consensus on the brand. The more people who put the cards on the table, the better.

Finally, select the card that sums up the qualities you want the brand to be associated with. This is the final card that represents the kind of competitive and convincing brand your company represents on the market, a picture that personifies the brand. Put the card to one side, and add the clearest descriptive words and you have now put both words and a picture to your brand.

How can the brand’s personality be more distinctive? By regularly going through the cards and evaluating the selections, you will refine the brand’s character. Anything that doesn’t add any value to the brand should be discarded. The focus should be on pages that differentiate the brand and makes it easily read for employees and customers, as well as management. Ensure that the brand personality shines through every aspect of the company’s communication

Prioritise for a winning personality. Depending on which character traits dominate the brand, the company needs to focus on a variety of things to form a distinct personality.

Everyone plays a part in shaping and maintaining the brand. Responsibility for the brand always lies with the company’s management, but all employees at all levels contribute in different ways to a strong and distinct personality. In order to be consistent, you need to answer three questions on how the company should act to achieve the agreed brand identity.

BrandPics Test contains

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