BrandPics Brandpersonality Test

Buy nowDoes the management have the same view as you?
Have your coworkers a clear picture of the brand?
Do you deliver your brand promise?
Is your brand personality clear to your customers?

The BrandPics Test consists of 50 picture cards, and a manual with 7 exercises that shows how to identify your brand’s winning personality. The most important quality of the brand is its character as this is what captures people’s interest and makes the brand appeal to them. By using Brand Pics Test within in your company, you can also create a sense of commitment to the brand. This is fundamental to the communication of your brand to your customers.
Understanding the character of your brand is crucial to be able to identify and develop your brand, and how it is viewed in the relationships between management and employees, companies and customers, and, in fact, everyone the company comes in contact with.
The BrandPics Test is based on the belief that companies taking command of their brand benefit in terms of clarity and profitability. By embracing a do-it-yourself philosophy, and also involving employees, you will achieve a common understanding of the brand and its uniqueness, which will leave a strong impression on clients and other people.

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