What I do

Some of my clients call me a brand strategist and a brand manager. Others, a brand and relationship expert. But I am also a sounding board, a speaker and a motivator. Everything is based on making the brand ready for the relationship economy. To translate plans and strategies into concrete action so that customers feel that the brand promise is delivered fully.
The road starts with everyone involved in the organistaion having the same perception and image of the brand and the brand promise. I want to see results, and I deliver visible results in the form of pride, joy and profitability.

Over the years, as a consultant, I have conducted many diverse missions. Everything from extensive branding and communications assignments to short strategy workshops over one or two days.

Some examples :

Brand and communication strategies that start with the process BrandTango
Anchoring and implementation of the brand. For example, using Brand Pics™ Transfer
Sounding board and motivator for management and brand groups using Brand Pics™ Test.

As a speaker, my lectures and workshops provide participants with techniques and tools to create a true brand in everyday life. This is based on how we manage our relationships within the company and with our customers. I work with both with managers and employees in small and large groups, exclusive of internal exercises and at public events open to all.
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Please contact me by phone +46 70 775 88 77 or send an email should you require more information or dates and registration details