About my processes

My processes are at the intersection of communication and psychology. I am inspired to translate brand theories into concrete processes and exercises so as to simplify them for businesses, organisations and schools in order to create and deliver a strong brand.
My processes have been developed in partnership with management teams and staff in both Swedish and international brands.
BrandPics Personality Test of brands helps you process and find your brand’s true self . It consists of 50 BrandPics Cards and a BrandPics Manual with seven exercises.

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BrandPics will help you find and clearly communicate your brand.

It consists of BrandPics Cards and a BrandPics Manual with a number of exercises, and will give you the answers to :
Which brand you have, what you stand for and what drives you in your daily action
How to become distinct and clear in what you wish to communicate?
How you should act to become more visible?
Coming in autumn 2013.
BrandPics Transfer 3X3
Is your brand and your management team ready for the relationship economy?
This is the only change management process you need
Three steps with three exercises that help the management with the change process to develop the brand and its employees in order to meet the competition in the relationship economy.