About Kaj Runelund

kaj-trummorHalf Philip Kotler and half Dr. Phil

Managing Director, Project Manager and Creative Director, Brand strategist, speaker, seminar leader and coach with 30 years experience in brand and marketing communications. In my work I utilise both marketing and psychology techniques. The meeting between these two disciplines creates interesting opportunities for successful brand communication. Since 2008 I gained a degreeas a Psychosynthesis Therapist (Psychosynthesis Academy, Stockholm), that brings additional perspectives on how we can develop the relationship with the brand.

Please contact me by phone +46 70 775 88 77 or send an email should you require more information.

My fundamental belief

I believe in a brand’s inherent power. A force that unites the management, employees and customers. A force that provides answers to what we want and why we are here. A force that guides us on how we want to manage our relationships both internally and with the outside world.
Everything I do is based on the belief that management teams who take command of their brand by adopting a do-it-yourself philosophy and engaging employees will win in terms of both clarity and profitability. They arrive at a common understanding of the brand and its unique character, which in turn gives a strong impression on both customers and the community.

There are only two types of brands – brands that are true and brands that pretends. It starts with ourselves. The customer experience will never be stronger than the employee experience. The customer will never have more fun than you, and the employees will never have more fun than the management team. The brand that is true enables all the employees to deliver the brand promise.