10 states that are devastating to your brand personality.

Publicerat den 13 August 2013

coworkersThe first five I describe here; Fear, anger, apathy, stress and anxiety are conditions and emotions that are damaging to our brand personality and brand promise.

Brand personality is created by everything we communicate, do and say. (You can read more about it in my previous post.) It is not enough to communicate our brand personality and brand promise. If the brand is perceived as true, it does not only be expressed, but also understood and met, Because when we choose a brand, we do it for three reasons; anything we want to show that we are, would like to be or something we are expected to be.

Then it is important that we can identify with the brand and its personality and just like us humans, it is important that brand personality is perceived harmonious and in tune with our promise. To create the required favorable conditions (I will write about that later). But there are also a number of conditions that are devastating to our brand personality. Here’s a list of the first five that we shall avoid if we want to create a strong brand personality.

1. Fear

A feeling of anxiety or nervousness, caused by a sense of danger. Fear of an organization creates an egocentric activity at the expense of the common. We get a climate where we make sure we have our back free and play within the political game rather than focusing on the customer and the brand promise.

2. Anger

A feeling of great annoyance or resistance as a reaction to something like a change, a person, real or alleged complaints.

When I’m out with my clients, I usually emphasize the importance of identifying the employees who are contradependent. A survey done MORI (Omnibus Communication Survey1997) shows that 20% of your employees are saboteurs and many would agree that they have angry and upset employees around them, expressing their opinions; This will never go. What did I tell you? This have we tried before. I do not understand why you care!

3. Apathy

Lack of motivation and commitment. Who wants to be met by an employee conveys the feeling that it’s boring and appears listless. That means they do not bother to deliver the brand promise to the customer.

4 Stress

Mental, physical or emotional stress and fatigue.

That means we do not have control of the situation and cannot devote the time our customers need to feel wanted.

5. Anxiety

A state of anxiety or tension caused things that can go wrong or is likely to occur. We are absorbed of what may happen or go wrong in the future. It means that we are not fully able to be here and now. Instead, we worry about the future. But the customer don’t want to meet with someone who is not present and focused.

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